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Nov 20, 2008

Pioneer Celebrates Hollywood's Creative Visions On Black Friday Or "KURO Friday"

Pioneer BDP-05FD

With consumers planning to staycation and take more vacations at home this year, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is re-coining Black Friday, “KURO Friday” to celebrate the unsung heroes in Hollywood who help deliver amazing entertainment, rich with color and dynamic sound…

Sep 4, 2008

Pioneer Presents New KURO Brand Campaign That Embodies Transformation

Pioneer KURO

Pioneer Electronics Inc. today unveils a new brand campaign tied to the launch of its second generation KURO ™ televisions and complete line of audio-video products. The campaign is based on the idea that discerning consumers, who seek premium brands at the same time they pack sports, movies, music and more into every moment of their lives, can be transformed by the power and emotion of great entertainment. This is the second campaign in a multi-year initiative designed to cement Pioneer® as a premium entertainment brand…

Sep 4, 2008

Pioneer's Elite KURO Signature Series Monitors Capture Industry-leading Black Levels With Heightened Flexibility Important To The Custom Installation Market

Pioneer PRO-101FD

Pioneer Electronics Inc. is now shipping its highly-anticipated line of Elite® KURO™ Signature Series monitors designed to deliver KURO’s reference-class picture quality with a bevy of features designed and built for high-end home theater installations. Each Signature Series monitor is carefully selected at the factory, representing the highest-level of Pioneer® technology and craftsmanship. Every monitor is accompanied by a signed certificate further validating the Company’s commitment to providing only the best-in-class panels for this limited run series…

May 7, 2008

Pioneer Expands KURO Display Strategy Beyond Living Room Delivering New 1080p Projector Technology For Home Cinema

Pioneer KURO

Pioneer Electronics Inc. today announces that it is expanding its KURO strategy across new display technologies to meet the needs of the most discerning entertainment connoisseurs. Just as KURO high-definition televisions have set the standard in the home theater, Pioneer® will enter the home cinema market with the introduction of its new Elite® KURO projector, delivering the same industry-leading black levels and 1080p picture performance that have become synonymous with the brand.

KURO stands for the industry’s richest, most detailed and pristine picture…

May 7, 2008

Pioneer Broadens 2008 Elite KURO Line Of Displays With New Signature Series Of Monitors

Pioneer PRO-111FD

Pioneer Electronics Inc. today announces the new Signature Series of Elite® KURO monitors tailored specifically for custom installers with a unique set of features for seamless high-end installations. The new Elite KURO monitors join Pioneer’s 2008 line of high-definition televisions and accomplish yet another milestone in Pioneer’s Project KURO initiatives. The end result is an even greater improvement to industry leading black levels accountable for added contrast, deeper colors and the supreme picture quality the KURO name has become synonymous with…

May 7, 2008

Pioneer Continues To Surpass Black Level Performance With New Line Of 2008 KURO Televisions

Pioneer PDP-5020FD

Pioneer Electronics Inc. today announces a new line of KURO plasma displays featuring black levels five times deeper than the previous award-winning KURO. Widely recognized for its commitment to creating entertainment experiences that transcend the ordinary, Pioneer takes yet another groundbreaking step towards HDTV perfection with this new line of 2008 KURO flat panel televisions.

“The game-changing performance our KURO displays brought to the market last year revitalized the landscape of high end home theater in a way that was never thought possible…