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stayhome staysafe shoponline lootcoza 📺Watch your favourite X-mas movies on the Samsung AU7000 75" LED 4K Smart TV. Open up your smart 4K experience https://www.loot.co.za/product/samsung-au7000-75-l...
indiannavyday seawarriors navalforce 4thdec Sanjaykumar D Gilda Indiannavyday seawarriors navalforce 4thdec 💼Connect:BALAJI TELECOM LATUR 📦Our Services:Mobile,Tabs Smart Tv's Sales & Services.All Types Of Accessories Avail 📞9595223111 🏬Walk In:Chain sukh road,near tapadia mkt,below hotel akash,Latur 🌐Website https://www.facebook.com/316366851814693/posts/44963... https://twitter.com/SanjaykumarDGi1/status/1467024...
CrankedArrow There has never been a more beautiful user interface than the PSP/PS3 menu. When my family first got an HDTV and a PS3 I remember just staring at the undulating monochromatic waves and sparkling little particles for minutes, truly this was the power of "high definition"
The News Caravan New feature for Smart TV: Now you will be able to install Android app from smartphone itself, it is necessary to login to the same account in both https://finance.thenewscaravan.com/new-feature-for...
shahirah⁷ My smart tv is the best purchase I did this year
BroadcastPro ME HDTV footprint on the rise in Arab world https://www.broadcastprome.com/news/hdtv-footprint...
Norman Charles Note to @nielsen: I'm not a Nielsen household, but if you're surreptitiously monitoring my viewing through my smart TV please know that I only DVR'd Jimmy Kimmel tonight because my local news started late after a college football game on ABC ran long. I WOULD NEVER WATCH KIMMEL!
HADI HD YT Live Check out the last day for chapter 2 season 8 {fortnite} from hadi_hdtv on https://www.twitch.tv https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1223515062
Tommy✨ If i only want for christmas, i will say Samsung qled tv q70a but nahhhhhhhhh dont feel like it this year
Design SmartTV AvisionPH AVisionPH Vidaa U is designed to make interacting with your Smart TV faster and more responsive while adding new features and enabling internet connectivity.😍 Get it here: Lazada: https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/avision-philippines... Shopee: https://shopee.ph/avisionphilippines
𝓇𝑒𝓃𝑒 My oh my how I would have needed a need smart TV for Christmas if Gallo made that
powerfultimmu A funny way to end console wars is @Microsoft goes to Sony to make xbox TV LOL 😆 it would be a smart TV that would have game pass on it 😄
Ruby ❤️ What the—- Who searched “bad buddy kissing scene” in our smart tv I swear it wasn’t me 👁👄👁 (i’m not that brave 😆)
Michael B. Johnson Gonna watch Dune on an 88” OLED TV in DolbyVision w/11.2 Atmos audio. I will eventually go see it in a theater (and IMAX), but for now - excited to see it this way. Beverages and rest rooms much more accessible here
Dogecoin AcceptDoge BestBuy ThinkDoge ThinkCrypto finvest21 Hey @BestBuy, Dogecoin is the people's crypto and everyone's talking about it. So wen AcceptDoge? A Samsung 70in 4K Crystal UHD Smart TV at BestBuy would cost: 3,040 ÐOGE ($599.99) ThinkDoge ThinkCrypto
️️ ️ My uncle has everything at his house: wifi, water heater, ac, smart tv, washing machine, maid who comes twice a week but he doesnt have a proper houseware. imagine eating mie sedaap white curry in a plastic bowl like this, man im not accustomed to this life😔😔😔😔😔
THE DOLL I don’t watch tv and the only reason I have internet is for my sons smart tv IPad and gadgets that requires WiFi lol I BE ON MY PHONE 🤣
MonaLisaBile Finding a totally empty room at a bar with a smart tv and a closed door 🙌🏽
Jacob Scheele I will Use This 15 Feet Tall Metal Professional HD Video Camera Camera Jib which Has a Total Cost of $5,000 to Film The Regeneration Scene from Jodie Whittaker's Doctor to My Doctor in a Full Size Replica of The Jodie Whittaker Doctor Tardis Interior and Console HD Tv Studio Set
cable antennas Hiam Garner Are you ready to cut out your cable bill? Check out these HDTV antennas to keep your local broadcast stations. https://cpix.me/a/134555558
kristen 🥀 Downside of having a smart tv & only having netflix/hulu etc. is that when the WiFi is down so is the tv 😐😐
sabrina My boss finally got a smart TV for our office… yeah I’m def not getting no work done now 🥴
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV Was planning on getting a 55 inch tv for about $400 from sams club, but since my friend is moving out of state and selling his, I’ll be getting a 62 inch smart tv for $200 instead. Patience be paying off
Ash Coronado Night on Earth on @netflix is a joy to watch on an OLED TV 😍
kent Lot of work being done by the big east non HD tv teams of early 2000s to be relevant with draft picks. https://twitter.com/tailormaidit/status/146687860346...
Gotti NoExcuses DopeTestimony Bob Dope 🍪 Almost shed a tear watching this Gotti documentary. So inspiring to see my brother push thru and still create a great body of work ! And continue to inspire us all 🙏🏾 Grandma don’t have a smart tv yet so I pulled it up on mom’s iPad. NoExcuses DopeTestimony @berner415 🐐🍪
Mobara Tv LIVE.Movies. Series. Aflam. MBC 1 & 2 year code available WhatsApp+97333073148 panels. Reseller panel available any body need Smart Tv Code and Smart Phone Use this code plz chat my WhatsApp
Gaming ESports LGOLED ThinQAi OLEDTV LGAfrica We just can't get over the fact that the LG OLED TV Gaming finals was nothing but a blast, if you missed it see the highlights for yourself Gaming ESports LGOLED ThinQAi OLEDTV https://twitter.com/LGAfrica1/status/1466875395995...
💐 Wow Someone Actually 💐 My dad’s smart TV just scared me! It just randomly started talking to me and I didn’t even touch it. 😅📺
anry @ metroidvania arc So thankful to have an OLED TV now. PS5 games look absolutely amazing on it. With my old TV, once HDR turned on all the color felt washed out and there was nothing I could do to fully bring it back. It’s a non-issue on the OLED because the color depth is too notch. 👌🏽
آية Spending my Friday night trying to set up the fams new QLED TV has has been top quality entertainment. Equal parts stressful and hilarious. 🤣
Telitha Carter Eglass in use. Teachers are able to project their image on their smart tv. They can write while still facing the students to reduce off task behavior and respond to misconceptions faster. They can even record lessons. I love it! https://twitter.com/TelithaJoy/status/146685921012...
zach My mom is setting up her new smart tv which means i get to be tech support the rest of the day
Expert Mullingar At Expert Mullingar we have a huge range of Christmas Gift ideas in store, so if its a Fitbit, Apple Watch, Tablet, Apple ipad, Laptop or a new smart tv we have got you covered. We are open 7 days per week including 2-6 this Sunday
root@eddy:~# TV Panasonic: su Disney+ arriva il Dolby Atmos - https://www.hdblog.it/?refresh_ce https://www.hdblog.it/tv/articoli/n548062/panasoni...
CJ This Nintendo switch just makes me need a OLED tv cause this screen too beautiful 😭
JenPsaki Redhead Devilsrain A Big HD TV is not kind to this woman. JenPsaki Redhead And isn’t the red dress a fashion Faux pas?
Okikiola Not my friends dragging me to go and buy smart TV, 🥺 Oga o
ultimecia barton Spent like 2 hours trying to find a non dodgy browser to install on the smart TV on our ward before I realised I could just download an APK of chrome even though playstore said it was incompatible
Burbank Vacations Castle Cove Ocean Front Villa USD$900 per night. Spectacular Oceanfront Castle Cove Villa has 5 bedrooms; modern kitchen & elegant dining room; living room w/ new 55 in. smart TV; A/C in each room; & amazing patios w/ sweeping views of the Carribbean Sea
B. Not my little brother’s girlfriend having his name in her nails while I’m struggling to mount a smart tv I bought last weekend 😭
Mo-Mo💙 I’m very useless at tech and gadgets (Although I love them so much). Actually very embarrassing. My ex would help me choose phones, gadgets and tutor me step by step. (Miss that woman). I think that is why I’ve not gotten a smart TV yet
WIZTIVI With our new Smart TV app for LG, we are proud to support Vodafone in its success. https://twitter.com/broadbandtvnews/status/146602869...
HighPriestJerryBanks 93 iam watching these bollywood movies on Netflix on my smart tv. And i wacth al-jazeera documentaries on YouTube on my smart tv. And i watch russia today on YouTube on my smart tv. I also have Netflix and youtube on my smart phone too. 93 93/93
Redwolves 🐺 (5-6) (5-2) Love my new tv 😌 55 inch smart tv for 200$.. love it here !
Sober Joe I've always wanted a tv in my kitchen .. and now I got like a 30 in smart tv for the kitchen
mordred tech tips Why the hell are u able to play final fantasy on the smart tv with just the remote
HighPriestJerryBanks 93 the reason i know about William Shatner and Jesse Ventura shows on russia today is i watch russia today all the time. I watch it on YouTube on my smart tv. 93 93/93
Maktejah Brian™ 🚘 Here's one of the world's first cognitive intelligence TVs 🔥 The Sony BRAVIA XR A80J is a high-end, sleek & stylish, OLED TV that delivers stunning picture quality with the new Google TV platform & an Acoustic Surface Audio+ whose sound matches the picture on the 120Hz screen. https://twitter.com/maktejah_/status/1466682073545...
Smart Tamil Tech Everybrand Should Launch a Dedicated app to control their Smart Tv. Smart should be justified a bit
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