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Jan 7, 2009

The New REGZA Revs Its Engines, As Toshiba Announces 2009 LCD TV Line-Up

Toshiba, a market leader in LCD TVs, announced today that the company is taking a quantum leap with its highly-acclaimed REGZA line. Across the entire 2009 new REGZA line-up Toshiba is offering consumers state-of-the-art cosmetics, premium picture quality and next generation connectivity to further its leadership in the LCD market.

Toshiba SV670 Series

Toshiba SV670 Series

This year Toshiba is taking LCD to a whole new level. Typically manufacturers add just a few new technologies with each new generation of products, but in 2009 Toshiba breaks new barriers by adding more innovations than ever before. Some of the new features added to the new REGZA line-up include:

  • Stunning Deep Lagoon™ Infinity Flush Front Cosmetic Design
  • Resolution+ super resolution technology
  • ClearScan 240™ advanced frame rate technology
  • CrystalCoat™ high contrast screen coating
  • FocaLight™ LED Backlight with local dimming
  • InstaPort™ for faster HDMI switching
  • USB Port
  • SD Card Slot
  • Dolby® Volume
  • Audyssey EQ

“REGZA is already premium LCD TV, and consumer reaction has been beyond our expectations," said Scott Ramirez, VP Marketing for Toshiba America Consumer Products. "However, in 2009 we are truly taking REGZA to the next level by making a quantum leap in picture quality, new next gen connectivity and now industry leading cosmetic design. Whether you have seen a REGZA or not, you need to see the new REGZA."


For 2009, Toshiba has merged its history of technology leadership with a new focus on cosmetic design to create a TV that is as innovative on the outside as it is on the inside. To accomplish this, Toshiba has created the new Deep Lagoon Design, which will serve as the design identity for all of the new REGZA models, although each series will utilize a different application of the process. Deep Lagoon is inspired by the beauty and elegance of nature and provides a three dimensional feeling to a clean flat design. New invisible speakers further enhance the sleekness of the design helping to make the REGZA Deep Lagoon Design a must-have for retail floors and living rooms across the country.

For the ultimate in design, Toshibas SV670 Series also features the new Infinity Flush Front™. Much like an infinity pool, where the water appears to go on forever, the beautiful Infinity Flush Front features a single sheet of glass with anti-reflective coating covering the entire front of the TV. Combined with Deep Lagoon, this creates a unique, clean and stunning appearance.


Toshiba is adding a full range of new connectivity features to its new REGZA line up. In addition to enhancing REGZA-LINK™ (HDMI-CEC), now with increased codes for easy connection to A/V components, the new line features InstaPort for faster HDMI switching between those components. Typically, when a consumer changes HDMI inputs, there can be a five or six second delay. With InstaPort, as soon as a user selects an HDMI source, it will connect in a fraction of the time.

More and more people are now downloading their content from the Internet. Therefore, the new REGZA provides consumers with ways to play content without an external content player. For example, the ZV650 and above series come with a USB Port allowing consumers to view their JPEG pictures, listen to MP3 audio, watch MPEG-1 & 2 video and even watch DivX Video. All of this can be done with a USB hard drive, or just a USB flash drive. There is also an SD Card Slot that allows easy viewing of JPEG digital pictures by simply taking the memory card from the camera and placing it in the TV.


Toshibas new REGZA line-up includes an extensive list of technologies that combine to enrich a consumers home entertainment experience. Toshiba is continuing to prove its dedication to provide the best possible picture quality by leading innovation.

The REGZA Engine

The success of REGZA starts with the high picture quality generated from its powerful engine. The processing power of Toshibas fifth generation engine, PixelPure® 5G, is the heart of every REGZA. With a 14-bit internal digital video processor, gradation is increased, creating smoother, clearer images. Ongoing enhancements like the new 2D Chroma enhancement, 2D Luma enhancement, dynamic sharpness and adaptive noise reduction mean that PixelPure continues to lead in processing technology.

PixelPure 5G is the heart of the REGZA engine, and Resolution+ super resolution technology is the soul, bringing images to life with complex image enhancement. Formerly referred to as SRT, the next generation Resolution+ is a highly-regarded technology that overcomes an industry-wide issue of lower picture quality when watching less than Full HD sources. Using a proprietary processing system, Resolution+ improves 480i, 480p, and even 720p image detail for enhanced video quality when watching DVDs, TV channels, camcorder videos or even video games that output less than Full HD. Not just simple scaling, Resolution+ uses complex image correction to enhance the detail of each image, making everything feel like HD.

To accomplish this, Toshiba has created the new Deep Lagoon Design, which will serve as the design identity for all of the new REGZA models, although each series will utilize a different application of the process.

The ClearScan 240 Advantage

Toshiba is taking fast motion picture quality one step further with ClearScan 240. ClearScan 240 combines an advanced 120Hz scan rate with Toshibas new Backlight Scanning technology to create a 240Hz effect. This innovative solution improves picture clarity making action-packed movies and sports more crisp and clear than ever before. Compared to standard 60Hz, or even standard 120Hz systems, this new technology provides significantly clearer full motion video for a better home theater experience.

FocaLight LED Backlight with Local Dimming

Toshibas SV Series REGZA models also feature FocaLight LED Backlight with Local Dimming. Unlike simple edge LED, FocaLight offers a full LED matrix for better brightness uniformity. Even more important is that the Local Dimming system allows the LEDs to be controlled by zone, creating a significantly higher dynamic contrast ratio, where blacks are blacker without reducing the peak white brightness. The result is a new level of picture quality and depth that was not possible with standard backlight systems.

AutoView for the Best Settings Automatically

Toshibas enhanced AutoView™ feature helps ensure the best possible image quality at all times of the day. By combining an ambient room light sensor and incoming video content monitoring, AutoView automatically sets most of the TV picture parameters for you. Consumers dont have to worry about a picture that isnt set bright enough for the afternoon sunlight or eye strain from an overly bright TV in a darkened room. In addition to setting brightness, contrast, gamma, sharpness and color saturation, the newly enhanced AutoView can also adjust color temperature to adjust for changes in the color of home lighting or the surrounding walls. Not only does AutoView make life simpler and the picture better, but it can potentially lower power consumption, providing energy savings for the home.

All Gaming TVs

Every model in the new REGZA line is also a gaming TV with Gaming Mode for more direct video signal-to-the-screen allowing for faster game controller response. They also feature Native Mode™ to eliminate over scanning, allowing players to see more of the image, and therefore see their opponents faster.

See and Hear the Difference

In 2009, Toshiba has also focused on improving real world audio quality in the new REGZA line. One of the biggest issues with TV audio today is inconsistent volume levels when changing channels, or with commercials. Dolby Volume addresses this common problem by applying a sophisticated psycho-acoustic model of human hearing. This system delivers a level listening experience by automatically bringing down the volume of louder stations or commercials or raising the volume of lower channels or commercials to maintain the preferred listening level. Unlike other systems, Dolby Volume does this while retaining the perceived audio dynamics for consistent sound quality. The new REGZA with Dolby Volume makes the annoyance of inconsistent TV volume levels a thing of the past.

In addition to providing premium picture quality, cutting-edge cosmetic designs, leading technologies and next-gen connectivity, Toshibas full REGZA line-up will meet ENERGY STAR® 3.0 certifications.

An Internet TV

Toshiba plans to introduce an additional series later in 2009 that will incorporate the new TV Widgets, enabled by the Widget Channel framework, which allows consumers direct and easy access to sources of personalized Internet content via their remote control. A rich array of content is available, such as local weather, top news stories, favorite sports scores, stock quotes, pictures, videos and more, and they are all just a click away. In addition, DLNA and Microsofts Extender for Windows Media Center capabilities will also be added to allow remote control of a compatible PC. With DLNA and Microsofts Extender for Windows Media Center, the user can access all of the multi-media content stored on their PCs hard disc drive.


REGZA XV645 Series

40XV645U (May 2009)

46XV645U (May 2009)

52XV645U (May 2009)

REGZA ZV650 Series

42ZV650U (April 2009)

47ZV650U (April 2009)

52ZV650U (April 2009)

REGZA SV670 Series

46SV670U (May 2009)

55SV670U (May 2009)

Additional REGZA Series to be announced

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